Bully 2 Was Meant to Be Announced at The Game Awards and is Still Coming

"Not canned after all?"

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Bully 2 Was Meant to Be Announced at The Game Awards and is Still Coming

A few months back we reported on the news that Bully 2, also known as the possible Bully sequel was canned at Rockstar. The report revealed that the game’s development cost the company around $53 million but the project never saw the light of day. While details regarding the game’s cancellation are still murky, it was rumoured that Bully 2 didn’t meet Rockstar’s expectations at the time.

In a more shocking report, it seems that Bully 2 is actually still in development. So much so that the game was meant to be announced at The Game Awards 2021 last week but was hit with a last-minute delay.

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According to multiple sources, Bully 2 is still a real game and even though previous reports claimed it was cancelled, Rockstar never canned the project after all. One report by Tom Henderson goes as far as to say that people actually saw a playable build of Bully 2 a few weeks ago. The gameplay was from a new build of the game and not the so-called “canned version”.

The second source to speak about Bully 2 is GameInformer’s Senior Associate Editor. He claims that Rockstar will announce the game in a week or two.

At the moment, it all seems too good to be true. Especially given that one source says that the reveal is taking place in a week or two. That would be the Christmas and New Year break. Seems very unlikely that a developer will announce a game as big as Bully 2 during the festive season. Then again, in the past 24 hours, two sources have confirmed the existence of the game.

Until Rockstar announces Bully 2, take this rumour as it comes. As much as we would like to believe the game is real and happening, the timing just seems a bit off. Especially given how it was so-called “cancelled” a few years back.

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