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Bungie Comes Under Fire For Mediocre Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign

After months of building up hype for the latest Destiny 2 expansion called Lightfall, fans have been left disappointed by the recent content drop from Bungie. The feeling seems to be across the board as fans have expressed their frustration over the content, its pacing and the biggest gripe of all – the story. For what was set out to be the so-called “Infinity War” moment for Destiny, instead fell flat and Destiny 2 players feel underwhelmed.

The biggest issue seems to stem from the way Bungie told the story in Destiny 2: Lightfall. If you don’t know, players are thrown into this penultimate campaign after The Witness and Calus track down the Veil in Neomuna and invade the city to find it. The head-scratching moment, however, is the fact that this “Veil”, which holds some galaxy-shattering power or something, is never explained. In fact, even the people of Neomuma (called Cloudstriders) who jump on board to help the Guardians stop Calus from finding it, have no clue what it is either. It is not like they live there or anything….

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Fans have complained that during one specific mission, the Guardians are sent to destroy something called the Radial Mast before Calus can attach it to the Veil. However, the Radial Mast is just as mysterious as the Veil. You just run along with the task because you know bad things are going to happen if you don’t stop the events. What these bad things are, who knows?

The majority of the campaign also acts as a tutorial about learning the new Stand subclass. Fans have taken issue with the fact that the entire second half of the campaign is dedicated to mastering this new ability and sadly, throws the story to the side.

But apart from the story and the new Strand ability, players have complained about the sheer lack of new content in the “paid” campaign. Keep in mind that Lightfall is a premium piece of content. However, fans believe that most of the cool new stuff is actually just quality-of-life features added to the free-to-play version of the game. The fact that there is one new Strike in Destiny 2: Lightfall, feels like blind robbery.

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Over on Reddit, the negative responses are everywhere. The r/DestinyTheGame community has blown up with posts from players regarding all the issues discussed above. The most popular thread in the past 24 hours is a satirical post where user The_Iceman2288 says “I have compiled a complete list of all we know about The Veil”. They then follow up with “1 – its spelt V-E-I-L”. This is an obvious knock to the rather lacklustre expose of what was meant to be Destiny’s biggest threat.

Of course,  nothing can be done now about this situation. Bungie has launched Destiny 2: Lightfall with the Season of Defiance which aims to expand the story. More seasons are expected later down the line as a lead-up to the next expansion “The Final Shape“. However, what was meant to be an exciting time for Destiny 2 fans, has turned out to be just another cash grab.

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