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Bungie Details Destiny 2: Lightfall Features, Gameplay and Changes in New ViDoc

In a 16-minute ViDoc, Bungie has laid down the content which players can look forward to checking out on 28 February when the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion arrives. Bungie was cutting it close this time as the developer hasn’t showcased much of the game’s content up to this point. Last week, Bungie released its “State of Game” blog where the developer detailed the core of Destiny 2 and some changes However, in terms of actual Lightfall content, it has been lacking.

That has now changed. The new ViDoc has detailed the so-called “penultimate” fight against The Witness as players experience the set-up to the finale of the Light and Darkness saga in the series. Of course, there’s also Calus who has undergone a dramatic transformation in Lightfall. He was damaged and scarred quite badly during the most recent season in the game. However, thanks to the power of The Witness, Calus has now emerged as something new.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall will launch with an entirely new element called Strand. This green substance weaves into the sub-classes and weapons in the new expansion. Each class wields this Strand power differently. Hunters use it as a whip called the Threadrunner. It whips around the screen and has some incredible range.

The Titan Berserker class sees the character wield Strand blades which grant them powerful melee attacks. Lastly, the Warlock Broodweaver sees the character shoot out Strands which attack enemies and land on the floor. After which, these needles turn into Threadlings which are little spider-like creatures that hunt down enemies.

Destiny 2: Lightfall also sees players head to Neomuna, a futuristic city where the new content will take place. The tall skyscraper buildings now allow players to swing about using their Strand abilities sort like Spider-Man.

The expansion will also bring with it new gear including exotic weapons, armour and collectables. There will also be new Strikes, game modes and of course, a Raid releasing in March.

Catch up on the ViDoc down below and prepare for Destiny 2: Lightfall on 28 February.

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  • rivalen 17 February 2023

    Hey, I was wondering if you got a response from Sony as to if they will ever release PS stars here in SA.

    • Marco Cocomello 23 February 2023

      I reached out at the launch and they were like “no ETA for our region”. I honestly don’t see them supporting it into the future. Won’t be surprised if the PS Stars thing shuts down this year.

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