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Bungie Details The Future of Destiny 2 Ahead of Lightfall Release

Destiny 2: Lightfall is launching on 28 February and ahead of the release, Bungie has detailed what players can expect from the game in the months ahead. The detailed blog post not only explains some major changes headed to the game’s core but also sets up the large overhaul for the Power level system Bungie has used for years now.

A big issue with Destiny 2 is the lack of challenge. Players breeze through content and even the game’s most difficult modes, the Grand Master stuff, isn’t much of a challenge. Apart from the new Lightfall content, Bungie is working on balancing and changing the game’s core to address these issues. Bungie says it is aware that its baseline difficulty in Destiny 2 is too low.

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The developer says that the way enemies fight back across activities is going to get dialled up “slightly”. Bungie is also tackling the unengaging reward system that sees players mindlessly grind through content only to level up their season pass tiers. Players feel as if Destiny 2 has become a second job. However, it doesn’t seem like these changes are going to come about in Lightfall. Instead, it might only take place in The Final Shape – next year’s expansion.

“We think that there are some major issues with Power in Destiny 2 and how it prevents players from seeing some of our best content, so we’d like to make a big change to the system in The Final Shape,”

That means that Lightfall will release with the same Power system as we have had in the past. The good news is that Lightfall will increase the cap but the expansion’s second season won’t. This means, there will be no grind to get to the max Power in Season of the Deep. The Power level and Pinnacle cap will remain the same.

Another issue Bungie is facing is keeping players involved in the game towards the end of a season. In the Season of Plunder, Destiny 2’s player base on Steam dropped to the lowest it has ever been in the series. The developer has admitted that Destiny 2 can sometimes feel too predictable.

“Destiny 2 can sometimes feel too predictable. While there is plenty happening at the start of an expansion or seasonal drop, by the end of a season we often see our most engaged players lamenting that they have run out of things to sink their teeth into.”

Bungie is removing Umbral Engrams from Destiny 2 and replacing them with keys that let you get bonus rewards. They are also reducing the number of craftable weapons in the game in Lightfall. However, Bungie says that the fewer craftable weapons will now allow players to enhance them further with unique perks and stats.

Destiny 2 is getting back the Countdown PvP mode with the launch of Lightfall. There’s also a Countdown Rush mode. Bungie is experimenting with a new Checkmate Control mode that will see weapon damage, ability uptime and ammo adjusted for the mode. PvP will also get a new Vex Network map in season 22. Meltdown will arrive in Season 23 and Citadel will arrive in the final season.

So while all these changes sound great on paper, there isn’t really much to be excited about at this point. Bungie still has to fully unveil the content in Lightfall. At the moment it seems like a new season instead of an expansion. Hopefully, the studio will drop details on Lightfall and its season, Season of Defiance before it launches on 28 February.

Source: Bungie

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