Bungie is Hiring for Unannounced Third-Person Action Game

"Likely a new IP"

Destiny Bungie ThirdPerson Action Game
Bungie is Hiring for Unannounced Third-Person Action Game

Bungie, the studio behind the Destiny series, has posted a job listing for a creative director to work on a new, unannounced third-person action game. This also comes in light of their recent acquisition by Sony, and the unannounced project will likely be a new IP.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, Bungie recently posted a job listing on their website seeking a creative director for a new third-person action game. Since Destiny is primarily a first-person shooter, it’s unlikely to be a sequel to the popular franchise.

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The full job listing description reads:

“As Creative Director, you will be the tip of the spear to define the vision and features for a new 3rd-person action game at Bungie! You will work with the project’s leadership and executive team to create and iterate on a vision document, a feature list, and technical specs.

You will drive the creative vision for multiple stages of playable prototypes to prove out and iterate on that vision. You will participate directly in the creation and iteration of playable prototypes at all stages of development.”

Sony acquired Bungie earlier this year, though the studio still retained their plans to keep the Destiny franchise multi-platform. However, new IPs might become PlayStation exclusives in the future, though the details of this deal are still murky.

PlayStation’s acquisition of Bungie is likely to push for more online multiplayer experiences to bolster their exclusives lineup. The publisher is best known for their single-player, story-driven action/adventure games, but it looks like they’re attempting to break into another market entirely.

Meanwhile, Bungie recently released the latest Destiny 2 expansion called The Witch Queen, currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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