We don’t know how Bungie plans on juggling two massive RPGs when they can’t even handle one but it seems that “Matter” is going to be yet another big game to come out of the ex-Halo studio. While Destiny 2 is sinking, Bungie could have a gem on its hands with its next IP revealed back in 2018 called “Matter“.

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Bungie recently uploaded multiple new job listings for the game which all give us some insight into the upcoming new IP.  According the new job listing, the game seems to be an RPG with loot, dungeons, swords and shields and necromancy. Another old listing mentions the game’s characters which are “lighthearted and whimsical.” Could this be a Borderlands-styled game?

Another job listing goes into detail about the loot system, skills and abilities. In addition, it hints at the game’s scale to be massive.

“You are the glue between the sword and the reward. You will work in tandem with our sandbox and economy teams to build and distribute items to our players. Living inside a giant database of hundreds of baubles, weapons, and armor is nothing new to you. And neither is building a system to cleverly distribute those items in a necromancer’s dungeon.”

Matter was announced back in 2018 but we have not seen or heard anything about the game since. Bungie has been working on Destiny 2 and its expansions. However, the studio could be planning a possible reveal for the new Matter game soon. Bungie will be unveiling the new Destiny 2 season and September expansion today and with the next few months packed with reveals, they could have something up their sleeves for this new RPG.

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