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Call of Duty 2020 Multiplayer and Russian Warzone Map Details Leaked

As we edge closer to the midway part of 2020, there’s no doubt Call of Duty rumours will start popping up. The game has a knack for leaking ahead of its reveal and already we kind of know the game is set during the Cold War. New leaks and rumours have surfaced of Call of Duty 2020 including the multiplayer thanks to well-sourced YouTuber TheXclusiveAce. He posted a video which is now private, detailing some of the information he claims to know.

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How he got this information? We don’t know so take this with a pinch of salt for now. However, most of the time when these leaks appear, they turn out to be true. Activision struggles to keep COD under wraps every year and this year seems it won’t be any different.

According to the video, TheXclusiveAce received images and videos of the game. After watching the videos and analysing the images, he confirmed the following. Thanks to Reddit user Poklane for breaking it down;

  • Game is indeed set in the Cold War
  • Targeting to release at the end of Q3 (September) but tentatively pushed back to early Q4 (October/early November)
  • Game is in a good state. MP maps are pretty much done except for some textures and fixes.
  • The campaign is fully playable, only some voice over and animations missing
  • Campaign, Zombies, Multiplayer and Warzone, including a new Warzone map
  • Standard mini-map is currently in the game. This means that if you shoot an unsilenced gun you’ll show up on the enemy’s minimap
  • No Fog of War currently in the game
  • Compass from Modern Warfare is returning
  • No mounting and leaning
  • Sliding returns
  • Swimming returns, which yes means water returns in MP maps
  • New Warzone map has a big lake in the middle
  • Modern Warfare’s Tactical Sprint will NOT return, sprinting is unlimited
  • MP maps will NOT have interactable doors, Warzone will have them
  • The source is aware of 10 maps currently, map layouts to be more of the classic Treyarch map design for the most part
  • One map is a very small boat in the Black Sea
  • Another map called “Mall”, quite a complex map
  • The third map is called “Satellite”, set in the middle of a desert, very open with some small cave sections. Gave some Afghan (MW2 map) vibes
  • The fourth map is called “Tank”, the map from the previous video leak. Smaller, mid-sized three-lane map, seems to be designed for competitive
  • The fifth map is called “Tundra”
  • The sixth map is called “KGB”, very small, about the size of MW2019’s Shoothouse
  • No Specialists, but something similar to Field Upgrades will return. Field Upgrades can be charged twice, the second charge takes longer. One is a piece of equipment which shoots at vehicles and streaks. Another looked similar to Crash’s ammunition box
  • Regular equipment returns, no longer on a recharge timer like BO4
  • Scorestreaks return instead of Killstreaks. Some Scorestreaks: Bow, Artillery Strike, Chopper Gunner, Controlled Missile, Death Machine, Flamethrower, Gunship, Grenade Launcher, Hand Cannon, Light Attack Chopper, Napalm Strike, RC-XD, Sentry Gun, Strafing Plane, UAV and Counter UAV
  • No Dead Silence in the game at all currently
  • 150 health currently but with automatic healing, no word on time to kill, health bar returns as well
  • Guns include the Ak5 and SPAS-12 as secondary, so it looks like Shotguns are once again secondaries
  • Create-a-Class is a hybrid of classic CaC (CoD4) and Pick 10. Currently, there’s no Gunsmith in the game, but could still be something they’re working on. Customizing your class such as a 4th perk, overkill, extra attachments require Wildcards
  • The source isn’t aware of the existence of a Prestige system, but could just be something they’ll implement very late
  • Standard MP is 6v6. 2v2 Gunfight currently isn’t in the game, but a 3v3 mode is being playtested
  • No Ground War (32v32) map currently in the game, but there is a mode which takes place on sections of the new Warzone map. This could just end up being Ground War as that’s basically what Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare
  • The new Warzone map is set in Russia. Named locations include Mines, Chemical Lab, Weather Station, Ski Slopes, Duga, Zoo and Battery. As said previously, there’s a big lake in the middle (a bit to the bottom left). Bottom right is snowy with mountains and it’s where the Ski Slopes and Weather Station are. Just north of that is the Chemical Lab with a swampy area, and north of that are the Mines. West of that is Duga, which appears to be based on the radio array at Chernobyl. The battery is on the mid-West of the map, with a small city in the middle of the map. The Zoo is just south of the city. Guess is that the map is a bit smaller than Modern Warfare’s Warzone map, although more open.


Remember to take this all with a pinch of salt. However, keep in mind that this is not the first time we have heard reports of the game’s multiplayer and story details. I just want to know what Activision plans on doing with Warzone when Call of Duty 2020 releases? Will they port over the game or release a brand-new battle royale? As for when we will see the game’s reveal? Who knows? Activision usually announced it back in May but last year we did not see it until late August. It could be the case for Call of Duty 2020 too.

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