Call of Duty 2023 Premium DLC Full Game Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty 2023 is Reportedly Modern Warfare 3

Earlier this week, we reported that the Call of Duty game releasing in 2023 will reportedly have its official reveal in August. For the most part, it’s believed that the game was once meant to simply be DLC for Modern Warfare 2 from Sledgehammer Games before being morphed into a premium release. A new report suggests that this year’s Call of Duty entry will not only be a premium release but it will also be Modern Warfare 3.

The report arrives from Insider Gaming which originally broke the news about this year’s Call of Duty reveal taking place in August. That report has now been elaborated on to mention some key details including the title of the game. To everyone’s surprise, this year’s Call of Duty will apparently be Modern Warfare 3, a sequel to the rebooted Modern Warfare 2 which launched last year. Sledgehammer Games is behind the project.

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A few more details were also revealed about Modern Warfare 3 (once again, not to be confused with original Modern Warfare 3). Las Almas, a map seen in Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign, will apparently become a full battle royale map and will launch in Warzone 2.0 during the game’s first season. The report also claimed that the Outbreak zombie mode featured in Black Ops: Cold War will make a return, pitting players in co-op against hordes of the undead again on a larger-scaled map.

However, the report mentions that Activision isn’t sure if this new Outbreak zombies mode should be a part of Modern Warfare 3 or launch as a free-to-play option.

Judging by the sound of things, this year’s Call of Duty release doesn’t seem to have the best planning. If the rumours are to be believed that the game started out as DLC before becoming a premium release, that brings the game’s content into question and whether its price tag will be justified – especially since it’s directly following up its predecessor only one year later.

Source: Insider Gaming

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