Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles Review – More zombie bang for your buck


Who would have thought that we would get extra DLC in a Call of Duty game that was not part of the Season Pass? Well, I am not surprised, to be honest, but with all controversy surrounding the DLC's price tag, I was determined to see if all that bang was worth your buck. The latest DLC contains 8 maps, of which are some of the best Call of Duty zombie experiences I have had in past games, and to play them all again was an absolutely fantastic experience. Every map has been completely polished up in the Black Ops 3 engine, and if you did not know they were old, you would never know the difference.

Treyarch is the original creators of the Call of Duty Zombie mode so it would be only natural to have the best of the best maps available in this collection. If you have played any COD Zombies in the past, this pack will have something familiar to you. Saying that however, newcomers to the game will also be welcomed to more simpler maps, and to witness how it all began. 


Back when these maps were released, the zombie mode was much more streamlined and dare I say easier. Now we have rituals to complete and mods on guns, gum to chew and much more going on. The original map, for example, had nothing but three rooms and a small selection of guns. While maps like Shadows of Evil are fun to play, I really enjoyed going back to the original, uncomplicated maps like Nacht Der Untoten, and Shi No Numa.

The pack comes with eight maps remastered, or more like rebuilt, as they have surpassed the classic look and feel from the original titles and look like they were released alongside Black Ops III on the PS4. Some of them look absolutely stunning like Shangri-La and Origins, even with its dark and offsetting look. Playing with four players online while surviving all the waves of zombies is just as fun as it has ever been, and while each map has its own set goal, the waves never end and you basically need to survive as long as you can. 


That is the gist of it, but there is much more going on than you think. Some maps have boosts like the Juggernog and Pack a Punch, which grant weapon boosts to your current weapon. The Gobblegum mechanic is also part of these old maps even though when they shipped with their original release, the feature was not around. 

The typical playthrough of each map is the same thing. Kill zombies, get points and use gums and other perks to stay alive for as long as you can. While you can play it all alone, the experience is just overall better with friends. It also lasts longer in my opinion, and when someone has your back to help you mow down a group of zombies, it makes it all worthwhile. 


The biggest takeaway from the DLC for me is the inclusion of all the modern perks and mechanics while being able to play the classic maps in their best dress too. It brings the old dead maps back to life, and it is quite fitting given the game mode. 


Some might argue that the map pack is a simple cash grab, and it is natural to think that, I did too when it was first priced. However, the DLC is so much more than that. Eight maps all remastered to too look like something that belongs in today's generation, with the modern features to go along with it. It has extended the life of the typical zombie mode more than ever, and it is the definitive zombie DLC in one experience. 

Available On: PS4| Reviewed on: PS4 Pro | Release Date: 16 May 2017

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