Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games on the market. The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament will start soon with over $1 million in total prizes. However, South Africa will not be able to compete in this Call of Duty Mobile tournament. Not for now anyway. According to Digi Statement who updated the regional listings for the upcoming tournament, South Africa is not part of the eligible countries.

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Currently, the Tournament supports Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia, Chine, North America, Latin America and Western Europe. The list does not contain any African region.

While at first gamers hoped to take part in the tournament, Activision had different plans. It is a pity. Mobile gaming is huge in SA as the platform is accessible to more gamers than consoles and PC. I am sure Call of Duty Mobile gamers would have jumped at the opportunity to take part in the World Championship 2020. Seems like the “world” tournament is not really as “worldy” as it claims to be.

The upcoming competition hosts a series of matches and opportunities to win in-game items and real money. Ranked Mode allows players with a veteran or higher ranking to jump into a lobby and level up in time for the tournament. Call of Duty Mobile will offer sign-ups for the tournament across the four weekends in May where players can earn tournament points (not in South Africa).

The higher your rank, the more points you will earn;

Stage 1 Rewards

  • Registration Reward
    • You’ll earn a Call of Duty: Mobile in-game reward for registering


  • Progression Rewards
    • You’ll continue to earn in-game rewards as you earn tournament points


  • Qualifiers to Stage 2
    • If you qualify to Stage 2 you will earn an additional in-game reward. Each week we will be giving away a new item so make sure to play each weekend.


Stage 2 will require you to form a team out of those players who qualified during Stage 1 and continue to play online matches.

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