Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Mode Coming Soon
Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie mode Activision Tencent Games
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Call of Duty: Mobile from Activision and Tencent Games has been a massive success and the developer continues to update the title with new features. Estimates now put the game on 148 million downloads and it just keeps growing since its release on 1 October 2019. Now, it looks like we will see a Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie mode make its way to the game this month.

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Not much is known about the Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie mode, but leaks have suggested the mode will have boss battles and they will be quite the bullet sponges. However, we will have to wait and see until Activision or Tencent Games reveals the update to be sure.

You won’t have to wait long for the Call of Duty: Zombie mode update to hit either, as it is expected to release this month. In a Community Update post on Reddit, Activision and Tencent Games announced the following:

Over the past month there is one request that we have seen every single day, ‘where is Zombies?’ It will be at your fingertips before you know it. Look to our social media channels as we prepare to show Zombies to the world!

The developer explained that you should follow the following social media channels closely for more, including screenshots, videos and more: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Although no release date for Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie mode has been revealed, it looks like new modes and content arrive very quickly in this new mobile sensation, as we recently got the FFA mode, Personal Milestones and more.

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Are you excited for the Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie mode? Let us know in the comment section below.






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