Activision Changes Call of Duty Social Accounts – Modern Warfare Reveal Imminent
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
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The Call of Duty social media accounts look a little different in anticipation for the Modern Warfare reveal later this week. Mark your calendars for May 30th as Activision will be revealing this year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. While the publisher has yet to confirm the reveal date, multiple sources have confirmed that May 30 is indeed the day we will get to see the first glimpse of 2019’s shooter.

This news comes after confirmation that the game will be called just Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and be a “soft reboot” of the original Modern Warfare release back in 2007. Much of the game has been inspired by the controversial “No Russian” level.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare reveal date points to Thursday this week and lines up with past reveals including Black Ops 4 and Advanced Warfare. Activision will no doubt be hosting a big reveal for the game like they did last year. The publisher will then show more off at E3 2019 in June.

We can, of course, expect the game to release sometime in October or November this year with closed and open betas taking place a few weeks prior.

According to multiple reports, a lot of people have already seen the game in action including streamers and sports stars in the US. The only people that have been left in the dark are media outlets but that will change at E3 as Activision will be hosting private hands-on sessions with the game. Activision’s approach to this year’s Call of Duty has been strange and it has not helped keep things under wraps as we almost know everything about the game already.

This morning, Activision rebranded all their Call of Duty social media accounts from last year’s “Black Ops 4” to just “Call of Duty” as they gear up for the reveal later this week. The social accounts now bear a “Call of Duty” logo with cover photos black. The only text seen is “Going Dark”.

Are you excited for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare reveal? Let us know down below.






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