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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale Map, 200-Player Mode Leaked

We know Activision will be launching the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode in early 2020. However, a new leak has now detailed the game mode’s map size, zones, perks, missions, game options and much more. The leak began with the map which was fully detailed into zones and size.

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According to the leak, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale map will feature 15 zones with 6 points of interest. They are currently as follows;


  • Airfield
  • Boneyard
  • Dam
  • Downtown
  • Gulag
  • Hospital
  • Layover
  • Lumber
  • Overgrown
  • Port
  • Quarry
  • Storage Town
  • Supercenter
  • Trainyard
  • TV Station

Points of Interest

  • Bank
  • Fire Station
  • Gas Station
  • Gun Store
  • Pharmacy
  • Police Station

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale Map

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale leaked information also reveals that the upcoming battle royale mode could include up to 200 players instead of last year’s 100. Three game modes include Solo, Duo and Squads.

As for player perks, these will come in different forms allowing players to create a build which they can use with their squads. “Deep-Pockets” allows players to find extra usage for any picked-up equipment. “Sleight of Hand” grants 50% faster ammo reloading time. “Healer” gives your medic items a 25% more effect on your and your squad and Thief lets you generate 20% more plunder. There are a lot more perks you can read about here.

The leak goes on to reveal the game mode’s loot which includes rarities of White, Gree, Blue, Purple, and Gold. According to the data, players will be rewarded for collecting the most loot with a “Best Plunderer” title.

Keep in mind that this can all change before the mode releases next year. However, the leak is quite detailed and could be something to look forward to when the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale mode goes live in early 2020. If anything, it sounds like a giant step up from last year’s mode.

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