Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a step up from the annual releases we normally get for the franchise, but the game still does have some issues as noted in our review, with Marco specifically mentioning that some weapons are broken in multiplayer. Activision and Infinity Ward are actively working to resolve some of the issues with the game right now and there is a Modern Warfare weapon balance update in the works, among other things.

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One of the biggest Modern Warfare weapon balance issues right now is with the 725 shotgun, which can act as a sniper rifle and is just completely overpowered. Joe Cecot from Infinity Ward confirmed on Twitter that weapon tuning updates are on the way and that the developer is claymore changes, spawn updates, footstep tuning and, of course, weapon balancing.

The list of things Activision and Infinity Ward is looking at for the next few updates to the game are:

  • More restricted player call out logic
  • Prevent enemies from hearing call-outs in all modes
  • Challenge system fixes
  • Weapon tuning
  • Spawn updates
  • Claymore balance
  • EOD adjustments
  • The second round of footstep tuning

But the 725 wasn’t specifically mentioned, right? In response to a tweet from a fan, Joe Cecot just dropped an eyes emoji, hinting that the overpowered weapon could very likely get nerfed soon as well.

It remains to be seen if all the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapon balance changes and more changes detailed earlier in this article will make it into one big update, or a few smaller ones tackling one issue at a time.

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What do you want to see from the next Modern Warfare update? Let us know in the comment section below.


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