R50k Call of Duty Pink Tournament Against Gender Based Violence

GOWZA Call of Duty Pink Tournament
R50k Call of Duty Pink Tournament Against Gender Based Violence

A while back I covered the ongoing situation in the Call of Duty South Africa community. Multiple reports about gender-based violence surfaced shedding light on the CODZA community and the shameless acts of certain players. Fast forward a few months and something awesome was born. ACGL in collaboration with Nexus Hub, ReDragon, Xbox and others are running the Call of Duty Pink Tournament against gender-based violence.

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The tournament is hosted by ACGL and is running on 29 and 30 August 2020. The tournament is broadcasted by Wootdini and will feature a handful of other streamers in SA. The aim of the tournament is to raise awareness against gender-based violence in gaming and bring together the CODZA community.

The Call of Duty Pink Tournament will feature console and crossplay cups over the running days. Players can stand a chance of winning R50,000 in products. Best of all, these prizes are awarded to both competitors and spectators of the live streams.

Registration is now open at acgl.co.za/gowza

Inspired by the community’s overwhelming support we wanted to give something back while raising awareness about GBV in gaming. Joined by ACGL, Wootdini, and numerous sponsors, we are proud to present the GOWZA Pink Tournament. This online event will be held over 2 days with teams battling it out in console and cross-play divisions. Teams of 5 are required to have at least one female gamer in the team to participate, with the aim of encouraging a more inclusive and positive view towards woman gamers.

But the Call of Duty Pink Tournament is just a small part of something greater. Players are urged to join the Call of Duty South Africa groups and Girls of War to show their support, wear pink in-game against gender-based violence and fight against discrimination and sexism in local gaming lobbies.

Make sure you follow the ACGL on social media for updates and information on the upcoming tournament.

The Call of Duty Pink Tournament would not be possible without the help of the ACGL and the following sponsors.

  • AOC
  • XBOX

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