Call of Duty: Warzone Cold War The Haunting

Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War ‘The Haunting’ Event Detailed

The Call of Duty Halloween event is back and this time it’s creepier. From October 19 – November 2, players can jump into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or Call of Duty: Warzone and experience the thrill of what lurks in the dark.

Centred around the scary movies of Donnie Darko and Scream (with the new release coming out January 14 2022), The Haunting event is set to give you the thrills and chills we all want coming up to Halloween.

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Call of Duty: Warzone The Haunting

Call of Duty: Warzone Cold War The Haunting

“Ghosts of Verdansk” is a limited-time mode that sees players wander around Verdansk in the dead of night, fighting human and non-human threats – and even some eliminated players.

The mode features some interesting concepts including:

  • Eliminated players coming back as ghosts to try and win back their respawn instead of being sent to the Gulag
  • A new “fear meter” influenced by your gameplay and the environment
  • A “familiar voice” guiding you that may or may not be a good thing in the long run

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The Haunting

Call of Duty: Warzone Cold War The Haunting

As always, Halloween is coming to NukeTown. The whole spooky scene has been set and ready for some scare packages to be called in for some surprising (and scary) rewards.

The Limited Time modes for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War include:

  • Infected – In a new twist, survivors earn bonuses for each zombie that they kill, including reload speed, ADS speed, movement speed and slide speed
  • Prop Hunt Halloween – featuring new Halloween-themed props, you’re sure to get a jump scare when a jack-o-lantern suddenly races past you
  • Scream Deathmatch – in this new mode, two operators become Ghostface and their mission is to find and eliminate the survivors. Survivors have no weapons, so the goal is to hide from Ghostface for as long as possible. It plays like a version of prop hunt, with the survivor screams giving away their positions rather than whistles.

Call of Duty: Zombies The Haunting

Call of Duty: Warzone Cold War The Haunting

Zombies fans will have the opportunity to join in the spooky fun with Hallows’ Eve Outbreak. Players will need to survive ten minutes before exfil as the difficulty increases every two minutes. Once your ten minutes are up, your team will need to rush to the exfil point with all the zombies aware of your position.

In addition to Hallows’ Eve Outbreak, Scare Packages will spawn in random Outbreak areas, giving players a chance to pick up additional rewards including Wonder Weapons, Support Weapons, Ammo Mods, Chalices, Aether Tools, and high-level Armor. True to Halloween tradition though – are these items tricks or treats?

The Haunting Weapons, Operators and Rewards

Call of Duty: Warzone Cold War The Haunting

With The Haunting Event comes awesome new skins and rewards to unlock:

  • SCREAM Ghostface Operator – including new finishing moves, charms, emblems and calling cards
  • Donnie Darko Tracer Pack Bundle – on 24 October (and for a limited time) you can pick up the Donnie Darko Bundle in the store, including the “Frank the Rabbit” Operator skin, new “Sky is Falling” finishing move, weapon charm, calling card, emblem and a watch. You also receive 3 weapon blueprints with purple electric tracer rounds and other effects.
  • Other Operators receiving new bundles include:
    • Portnova – Necro Queen Reactive Mastercraft Tracer Pack
    • Weaver – Disciple of Mayhem Ultra Bundle Tracer Pack
    • Naga – Lumens Maxis Ultra Bundle Tracer Pack
  • Players will have two sets of nice challenges to unlock items during The Haunting event, including weapon blueprints. The final reward for completion is the LAPA SMG, a high damage SMG with solid control and range.
  • Terrible End Bundle – featuring the new LAPA SMG blueprint “Abnormality”

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