Back in 2012 when the original Avengers film released, a video game was meant to release alongside it. However, it never saw the light of day.. until now. A gameplay video of an FPS Avengers game surfaced online showing off what could have been a game-changer for the series.

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The gameplay video, while showcasing some bland and incomplete environments, features four playable heroes. Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America can all be seen in the ten-minute clip. The game took on a first-person camera perspective, a change from the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game. It also featured co-op with up to four players taking on a different Avenger.

The combat looks great with each Avenger using their special abilities to bash through goblin enemies. Each character also seems to feature their own playable role. Captain America is an up-close hard hitter similar to Hulk. However, Iron Man and Thor have both ranged and melee attacks.

The video explains that the build originates from an Xbox 360 version of the game. While it is missing some game files including models, sound effects and music, the overall gameplay seems to be intact. The FPS Avengers was in development at THQ and was meant to release in 2012. The game was never even revealed. However, the current build looks as if the developers had a solid idea for gameplay in mind.

The game could have been a nice change from the usual top-down and third-person superhero games. With that being said, the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers looks like the exact same concept but running on newer hardware and with a different camera angle. Speaking of, Square Enix will be showcasing more Marvel’s Avengers gameplay later this month.

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