Cancelled Scarface 2 Game Artwork Appears Online

"Tony Montana almost returned"

Scarface 2 Cancelled Artwork Radical Entertainment
Cancelled Scarface 2 Game Artwork Appears Online

A cancelled Scarface 2 game has surfaced online, showing some unused artwork with a Las Vegas setting and the surrounding Nevada desert. The sequel to 2006’s Scarface: The World is Yours was in development at Radical Entertainment before its cancellation. The studio has since merged with Activision.

The artwork for Scarface 2 shows the Las Vegas strip and the surrounding Nevada desert, suggesting that it could’ve been an open-world like its predecessor. No story details were provided, but it looks like players would’ve stepped into the shoes of Al Pacino’s Tony Montana again.

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Radical Entertainment began development on the sequel sometime following the release of the first game. The developer was acquired by Vivendi Universal Entertainment in 2005, which would later merge with Activision in 2008. It’s unknown why the game was cancelled, but a shift in management could’ve contributed to it.

The original Scarface: The World is Yours released in 2006 for PS2, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and PC. An Xbox 360 port was planned but never released. The game acted as a sequel to the iconic film and saw Tony Montana seek revenge on his former business partner-turned-enemy Alejandro Sosa.

Despite the image of Al Pacino being used in the final game, the actor didn’t voice the role. Instead, Pacino apparently hand-picked the voice actor who would eventually be used in the game, giving Radical Entertainment full rights to use his face.

The cancellation of Scarface 2 could’ve been attributed to the rise of GTA-styled open-world games at the time, which were beginning to pick up in the late 2000s following the enormous success of Rockstar’s franchise. Perhaps Scarface 2 would’ve been doomed to launch in a crowded market.

The rights to the video game are presumably in Activision’s hands, though it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get a sequel.

Check out the concept artwork for Scarface 2 compiled in video format below.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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