EA Cancels Yet Another Open-World Star Wars Game
cancelled Star Wars game
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EA Games has cancelled its upcoming open-world Star Wars game according to reports coming out of the company. The game was announced back in 2017 along with Visceral Games’ Star Wars game, which was also cancelled when the studio closed its doors in 2017. The cancelled Star Wars game had been in development at EA’s largest office in Vancouver.

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EA Vancouver had been working on this new Star Wars game since October 2017. The game was code-named Orca and was in very early development. The game would see you take on the role of a scoundrel or bounty hunter as you explored massive open-world planets and worked with different factions across the Star Wars universe.

EA’s decision to cancel the game was due to the long development time it would take to release the title. EA decided they needed something earlier than the planned release of Orca. This means EA is still working on another Star Wars game aimed at a 2020 release date and this open world game is, well, canned. EA’s current title could be a next-gen Star Wars game, but that is all we know about the title right now.

This cancellation makes it the second Star Wars game from EA to get the axe in within a space of two years. Visceral Games’ Star Wars title was canned at the same time as the studio closed its doors in October 2017. EA confidently announced “multiple Star Wars projects” in development at E3 2017 and we have not seen anything of them as yet, only these cancellations. It makes me wonder what other studios could do if they had the Star Wars license. Right now it is a pity EA is in control of it all as it is not looking good.

On the bright side, no staff lost their jobs due to this cancellation which is always a good thing.






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