Cancelled Sucker Punch Game ‘Prophecy’ Gameplay Leaked

Sucker Punch Prophecy
Cancelled Sucker Punch Game ‘Prophecy’ Gameplay Leaked

Sucker Punch just released its fantastic open-world Japanese game Ghost of Tsushima on PS4. However, it seems the studio was working on something very different at one stage as a game called Prophecy leaked online. After watching the leaked videos, the game actually looks pretty decent. The gameplay trailer shows off some sort of medieval city as the protagonist confronts some armed guards while searching for a hidden tomb beneath an ancient statue. According to the main character, these treasure hunters are searching for ancient tombs which hold something dangerous.

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The rest of the gameplay trailer touches on the combat and parkour in Prophecy. The protagonist escapes a group of guards and uses stealth to sneak away. The game is unlike other Sucker Punch titles that have come before. The main character seems to have no magic or abilities. He uses smoke and materials to blind his foes and set them on fire.

Perhaps Sucker Punch began with Prophecy before they went on to develop Ghost of Tsushima? The game does bear some similarity when it comes to combat and exploration. The main character can dodge and parry in combat. He can also climb rooftops to escape the line of sight.

I don’t know about you but I would totally play this game. The trailer is just over ten minutes long and after getting a glimpse at the gameplay and characters, it seems very interesting. Will we ever get to play it? I doubt it. Sucker Punch worked on Ghost of Tsushima for years before release. I doubt the studio still has this game in development. It was clearly being made for PS4 and would have released sometime during this generation.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Prophecy down below and let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

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