Capcom Accused of Plagiarism Over Resident Evil Village Monster
"They used his monster"
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Richard Raaphorst, the director of the 2013 film Frankenstein’s Army says that the Japanese game company has kidnapped one of his creatures and used it in Resident Evil Village. Raaphorts took to LinkedIn, you know, where all plagiarism claims are posted, to accuse Capcom of using his creation without proper credit.

Warning – Possible monster reveal spoilers follow.

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The monster Raaphorst refers to is none other than the frightening Sturm Prototype in Resident Evil Village. If you have not reached this point or don’t plan on playing the game, the monster is a man-made mash-up of a human and an aeroplane engine. This monstrosity walks around with a giant aeroplane engine on its head. The engine functions too as the propeller spins and scratches the wall as it tries to chop Ethan Winters up.

There’s even a part in the game where the engine is set on fire and the monster runs around while bursting into flames. To make it worse, the creature also has no hands because he chopped them off with the propeller.

Now, according to Raaphorst, he too created a crazy propeller freak in his 2013 film Frankenstein’s Army. Raaphorst claims that the monster in Resident Evil Village is from the film, and being used without credit or authorization. He said in his post:

In 2013 I directed my film Frankenstein’s Army. It’s a crazy monster movie filled with my own creature designs, one of which has been used – completely without authorization or credit in the newest Resident Evil game.
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Raaphorst proceeded to share some images of the comparison. It is kind of hard to ignore the similarity here. However, you can’t prevent people from using an aeroplane engine attached to a human forever just because you did it first, can you?

Resident Evil Village Plagiarism Resident Evil Village Plagiarism

Anyway. Capcom has not spoken out about this issue yet. We will update you when and if they do. In the meantime, check out our review for Resident Evil Village here where we call it a masterpiece in horror. You can also watch our unboxing of the Collector’s Edition down below.

Source: LinkedIn

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