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Capcom Adds DRM to Older Games That Prevents Modding

Capcom has started cracking down on mods for its older games, infamously calling it “no different than cheating” in a previous update. According to several Steam users, the Japanese company has quietly added an anti-mod DRM called Enigma Protector that essentially makes previous mods obsolete. The DRM also impacts cheat engines, even for its single-player offline games like Resident Evil Revelations.

Steam users recently noticed that the .exe file for Resident Evil Revelations was updated a few times over the past two weeks. Further digging revealed that Enigma Protector was actually added into the game, which is described as “protect[ing] the executable file from hacking, analysis, modification and disassembly.” While the DRM is meant to essentially block cheat engines and mods from being used, some players reported that it significantly dropped the framerates in their games or crashed it completely.

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This has been met with scrutiny from the gaming community who criticised Capcom for its poor implementation of DRM that goes as far breaking their games. Some users noted that mods used for single-player games have no impact on the enjoyment of other players and should at least be allowed to use cheats and mods. While it hasn’t been verified yet, other players have noticed games like Monster Hunter World and Street Fighter 6 might’ve also been hit with the anti-mod DRM.

While companies like Bethesda encourage modding in its games, Capcom is taking the opposite approach and severely restricting the use of mods or any kind of user-created tools that alter the framework of its titles. This sudden crackdown might’ve been spurred on by the notorious Street Fighter 6 tournament incident in which a player forgot to turn off their nude Chun-Li mod before taking part in an online match, accidentally causing some indecent public exposure.

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