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Capcom Cup Ditches PlayStation Hardware For PC in Street Fighter 5 Tournament

Capcom has announced that its upcoming Street Fighter 5 tournaments during the Capcom Cup in February will switch over from PlayStation hardware in favour of PC. The Capcom Cup hasn’t run since 2019 before the covid-19 pandemic but it aims to be bigger than before with a $300,000 prize pool.

In a post on Twitter, Capcom says that all matches in the upcoming Capcom Cup will be played on PCs with displays set to 144Hz. Capcom didn’t share specific details about what PC rigs these games will be played on. However, the decision to move away from PlayStation hardware seems to be input lag related. PCs provide a much more stable experience with less low input lag.

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The low input lag is vital in a tournament like the Capcom Cup as higher input lag can result in delayed punches and kicks which affect the outcome of a match. Due to Sony’s contract with Capcom, previous tournaments ran on PS4 hardware. As a result, players dealt with issues related to input lag. Sadly, the PS5, while providing improved input lag over the PS4, still has input lag present which doesn’t improve the match quality.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Street Fighter 5 players also transitioned away from PS4 and PS5 towards PC as tournaments took place online. As a result, most players are now conditioned for PC hardware and the low input lag it offers. So along with the improved input lag and the better performance the PC offers, Capcom’s decision to move away from PlayStation hardware makes sense.

Many Street Fighter professional gamers agree with the move. Some of them say that Capcom’s decision to move to PC is 100% right. The better controller response and the reduction of in-game delay on the 144Hz monitors will deliver a much smoother, more accurate tournament.

Sony might jump on board for future Street Fighter tournaments when Street Fighter 6 releases. The game makes use of a new Input Delay Reduction feature that substantially reduces input lag on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, the game’s release is still a while away and can’t be considered for the upcoming Capcom Cup.

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