Capcom is Developing Resident Evil Village DLC Due to “Popular Demand”

"Not for the money but for the demand"

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Capcom is Developing Resident Evil Village DLC Due to “Popular Demand”

Capcom says that fans are demanding Resident Evil Village DLC (what?) so they are making it. While there’s no doubt the developer always planned on releasing DLC for one of the best horror games we have played, they should just be honest about it and blame it on being money-hungry rather than fan demand. Anyway, according to Capcom, Resident Evil Village DLC is now currently in the works.

During its Capcom E3 2021 showcase event, the developer says that the DLC is now in productions. However, they can’t give us any sort of information on the story, release date or details whatsoever. You know, because it was just started due to “popular demand”.


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There’s no doubt Capcom has been working on the Resident Evil Village DLC for some time already. The game will follow Resident Evil 7’s footsteps by releasing multiple paid-for DLC chapters focusing on other characters in the series. How this will tie into the original game’s story is unclear at this point.

If you have finished Resident Evil Village then you would know that the ending left a lot of questions unanswered. Whether or not Capcom will continue the game’s story from the end is unclear. Perhaps they plan on tieing in DLC into the main game’s story as a sort of “this happened while Ethan was exploring the Village” approach. Who knows at this point.

Catch up on the full Capcom E3 2021 showcase here or watch it down below. It wasn’t fantastic but there might be some Monster Hunter Rise news you will enjoy.

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