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Capcom Removes Denuvo DRM From Resident Evil Village

Capcom has removed the controversial anti-tampering technology, Denuvo DRM from Resident Evil Village. The move has been welcomed by gamers who have been affected by the general shoddy performance of the game since its launch.

Denuvo DRM has been in the spotlight for a while now after several new PC game releases suffered from performance issues due to the tech. It took Capcom over two years to get around to it but Resident Evil Village no longer has Denuvo Anti-Tamper.

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When Resident Evil Village was released back in May 2021, PC gamers complained about the version suffering from some severe performance issues. These issues were related to Denuvo which runs in the background.

In July 2021, a “cracked” version of Resident Evil Village was released which did not contain Denuvo. The game’s performance was much better. This led to the conclusion that it was indeed Denuvo causing the problem.

After the internet realised it was Capcom’s implementation of Denuvo which caused the issue, the developers tried to fix the problem with several game updates to so-called “improve” the performance. However, the difference between the Denuvo version and the cracked version was night and day.

Now that Denuvo has been removed from Resident Evil Village, it will be interesting to see whether or not the legit game has further performance problems. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Denuvo and its effects on PC gaming. Recently, Wild Hearts and several other PC ports were all hindered by performance issues due to Denuvo. Something definitely has to be done to fix it.

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