Capcom seems to still be holding onto Deep Down. A game that was originally revealed during the PS4 showcase way back in 2013. The free-to-play RPG has been rumoured have been cancelled a while back with no sign of the game’s development in years. However, Capcom has recently renewed the trademark on 19 June 2020 according to the USPTO. This marks the first time since 2018 that the company has done so.

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Back in November 2019, Deep Down producer told Eurogamer that developer had not given up on the project. Even with the original team no longer on board, Capcom was determined to keep the game on the shelf as something they would one day return to. However, Yoshinori did make it clear that even though the game’s trademark was renewed, did not mean development was ongoing.

Earlier this year, sources told VGC that Deep Down was “near completion” before getting scrapped by Capcom. No one knows why the developer decided to can the project, but perhaps the renewed IP points to a possible PS5 development cycle. With that being said, developers often renew their IPS regardless of active development going on for the game. It is just to secure the name and that is all. This could mean Capcom might return to it one day, but after seven years, we doubt it.

For those who don’t know, Deep Down was announced as a PS4 exclusive hardcore RPG. Early gameplay builds revealed a dungeon-crawler co-op experience that took on a Dark Soul’s combat approach. Players would live in a futuristic modern world and enter these fantasy worlds through VR where they would face off against monsters and gather loot along the way. It looked fantastic and the reveal trailer was awesome. Sad to know we may never see this release.

Check out some gameplay;

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