Capcom Teases Resident Evil Announcement Which Turns Out To Be a Blog Update

"Fans were let down - again"

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City Trailer
Capcom Teases Resident Evil Announcement Which Turns Out To Be a Blog Update

Capcom started teasing a possible Resident Evil announcement yesterday. This teaser was separate from the countdown timer which appeared on the game maker’s site yesterday. The Resident Evil tease comes in the form of a blood-stained header image that included a handful of older Resident Evil games.

Fans immediately jumped on the hype train and suspected the announcement was tied to the rumoured Resident Evil 4 Remake. Capcom also didn’t make it easy on them. The studio used the same blood-stained red menu screen from Resident Evil 4 as the teaser overlay so one would just give in to the tease.

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Sadly, the announcement wasn’t anything exciting at all. In fact, it wasn’t an announcement after all. Capcom simply added four new Resident Evil titles to its History page over on the official Resident Evil hub. So fans can now visit the hub and read about the game’s story, check out the characters and even gawk over some cool-looking artwork.

I won’t lie, I am a member of this page and Capcom really puts a lot of effort into these History additions. I highly recommend you register, although it takes about 15 minutes due to the vigorous tabs and pages you have to go through. It is time well spent.

So we didn’t get the Resident Evil 4 Remake announcement we were hoping for. We can only hope that the countdown timer which is expected to end on Sunday turns out to be something worthwhile. Given Capcom’s lacklustre track record on teases, I won’t bank on this being anything exciting at this point. You can visit the official site here to check out the added collection content.

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