Rumour – Resident Evil 8 in Development Set For 2021 Release

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Rumour – Resident Evil 8 in Development Set For 2021 Release

Capcom might be releasing its “okay-ish” Resident Evil 3 Remake this week but that won’t stop the company from working on the next instalment in the series. According to a new rumour, Capcom is currently working on Resident Evil 8 and it will release in early 2021.

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According to the rumour posted on Twitter by user AestheticGamer, Capcom has been working on Resident Evil 8 since 2016 and the game will be the biggest departure we have seen from the series. Keep in mind that this upcoming horror game has not been confirmed to be called “Resident Evil 8”, but if it is indeed a sequel it will be the one that comes after 7.

There is not much to go on apart from this guy tweeting information he claims to have. He goes on to explain that a lot of people may be “pissed off” about it when it gets revealed but they should be “open-minded”. According to sources, internal testing of this RE project has shown its a “high-quality game”.

If Capcom’s past history shows anything, the new Resident Evil 8 game might release in early 2021. A hint in the latest RE 3 Demo trailer also shows a 28 January 2021 release date for an unannounced game. Has Capcom been teasing a new game all along? We will have to wait and see what the company has to show off. Sources claim the Resident Evil 8 reveal will take place very soon.

Of course, if the game is to release next year, it will no doubt be a next-gen game which would already be an exciting experience to witness on new hardware.

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