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Cat Gets Sick and Destroys Streamer’s Gaming PC

This has to be one of the most hilarious cautionary tales I’ve seen in recent years. For those who have a gaming PC with the box open for whatever reason, be it heat reduction or simply because your RGB lighting looks cool, best keep your cat away from it. Your feline friend could get sick and throw up, as cats do, destroying your entire gaming rig.

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Enter streamer JadedBlue and his cat Kelsier (not an actual image of Kelsier above). JadedBlue was streaming Escape From Tarkov when he heard a noise coming from his cat, asking his feline friend “What’s wrong buddy”. At this point, Kelsier threw up directly into Jadedblue’s gaming PC, destroying most of the internals as the stream instantly went offline. This incident was captured in the video below.

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First and most-importantly, the cat is okay. JadedBlue explained on Twitter that: “Just had a stomach bug or something!”. With the most important detail out of the way, one has to wonder which parts of the gaming PC was destroyed.

JadedBlue explains the damage to his gaming PC.

Well boys and girls the news is in. Most of the computer is fried! The only salvageable parts were the PSU, My SSD and HDD and the case! RIP my poor computer.

For those who want to see some kitty vomit on a gaming PC, well, check out the tweet below.

There’s even a GoFundMe campaign created by another streamer to help JadedBlue rebuild his gaming PC after the “Cat vomit-bomb attack” that took place.

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What do you think about this cautionary tale of cats and gaming PCs? Do you have a cat for an owners and does it like to sit near an open PC box? Let us know in the comment section below.

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