Cyberpunk 2077 has been out for one month already and since its release back in December, CD Projekt RED has already released a handful of hotfixes to iron out nasty bugs in the game. However, the developer is actually in more trouble than they think. According to a new report from the Polish publication Benchmark, the developer may actually be fined by Poland’s own Office of Competition and Consumer Protection if they don’t deliver the game as intended.


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The Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is now getting involved with Cyberpunk 2077 and are monitoring the game’s post-release development roadmap. The bureau serves the people of Poland and ensures that their interests are looked after. A game such as Cyberpunk 2077, which released in a dire state, has rubbed the bureau the wrong way.

For now, the bureau is simply overseeing the post-release development phase to ensure that CD Projekt RED follows through on the promises made to the general public. This includes improving the game and adding new updates and content into the experience in the coming months. Should CD Projekt RED fail to deliver on the promises, the bureau will fine the company.

Keep in mind that while the bureau has consumer’s best interests at heart, they have yet to fine CDPR and might not even do so. The office first needs to find CD Projekt RED guilty of being unfair to consumers. If this happens, then the studio could be fined by a max of 10% of its annual income. However, there is a high chance that this will never happen. It all depends on the development plans from CD Projekt RED and what the studio is doing to fix the game.

With that being said, CD Projekt RED is now under even more pressure than ever to fix Cyberpunk 2077. We don’t know when and what to expect from the updates arriving in the next few months but we hope they deliver on their promises.

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