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CES 2019: MSI Has The World’s First Vibrating Gaming Notebook And We Kinda Love It

If I had to tell you I found a vibrating laptop you would think I was crazy, right? You would also think that something was terribly wrong inside of it that would cause a fan to make the entire device vibrate, but MSI’s new vibrating gaming laptop showcased at CES 2019 is more than just a gimmick and I think it could be something all gaming brand should include in future devices.

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As mainly a console gamer, I love a controller in my hands that vibrates and I strongly believe that vibration is a small yet the most effective way to add a great level of immersion to a gaming experience. MSI’s vibrating gaming laptop is now doing that by including vibrating motors inside of it that kick back during gameplay.

Right now the MSI GE75 Raider that includes the vibration motors is not available to the public but MSI is testing the device out to see what people think about the inclusion of vibration in a gaming notebook. The vibrators are located under the left-hand side of the device where you would place your left palm and the feedback is strong enough to give you a kickback throughout most of the device.

The vibration being on the laptop alone means your precision with the mouse in unaffected as you game. Gunfire, being shot, and small things like reloading and landing from a jump give you small little nudges on your palm as you play and feels like it should. MSI played through a CS: GO demo testing out the feature and it felt so natural for me coming from a console background.

vibrating gaming laptop

The vibrators also felt high-end and not just a load of cheap magnetic discs spinning around making the same intensity for every shot. Harder hits emitted a harder vibration and smaller things like reloading give nudges that felt natural. I am all for this tech, to be honest, and I do hope we see MSI implement it in future notebooks. It just makes sense and will really help with the immersion.

MSI is also working on creating a series of ambient light solutions that connect to their laptops using a built-in app. These lighting solutions are then accurately lit depending on the game scene you are in. Say you are underwater in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, the lights will then change to blue as the app detects what you have on screen and feeds that to the lights which change the ambience and colour.

The model we saw was using a Phillips Hue setup and it looked great. When the player was being attacked the lights went red and they changed their overall hue across the open world environment as he explored the game.

It is a pretty cool feature and MSI says you could possibly connect the app to every smart light you have which will then immerse you even more if you perhaps have your entire gaming room connected. It would be pretty amazing to have an entire wall of modular lights connected which change and light up as you game. That would be the ultimate gaming setup.

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