These Cute CES 2019 Robots Will Melt Your Heart
CES 2019 Robots
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Some people fear robots and that we might be heading for a Terminator or The Matrix future. But looking at the cute CES 2019 robots, we might only be in danger of dying from them being too adorable for us to handle.

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These cute CES 2019 robots will steal your heart with how adorable they are, and they’re functional too.


Of all the CES 2019 robots, the Lovot is by far the cuddliest of them all. This adorable, fluffy robot was created by a robotics startup based in Japan, called Groove X. In terms of functionality, the Lovot has a simple mandate – to spread a little love and haItsess. Its name is a combination of the words LOVE and ROBOT, making it one of the sweetest CES 2019 robots to be showcased.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

The Lovot is programmed with cuteness in mind, as it rolls around your house and asks you for love and affection.

This adorable robot can be yours if you’re in Japan and you have 598,000 yen (about $5,500).


Companion CES 2019 robots took the spotlight this year. Kiki from Zoetic AI is one of the cutest companion robots to be showcased this year. This cat-like robot has a camera in its adorable little nose to help remember its owner and other people. It’s AI-powered and able to read your emotions and behave in a way to cheer you up. You also have to take care of Kiki’s needs by feeding it with a companion app.

CES 2019 Robots


Kiki is currently only on show, with Zoetic AI hoping to build up backers to launch to the public someday soon.


Another one of the cute companion CES 2019 robots currently being showcased is Sony’s Aibo. This robotic pup has appeared at CES before and is a favourite amongst attendees. It’s also popular amongst consumers, with Sony stating that Aibo sold out of its initial 2 000 units in the US and 20 000 units in Japan.

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”600″]

One of these robotic pooches will set you back $2 899.

Samsung Robots

One of the most functional CES 2019 robots that is also cute is the new line of personal robotics from Samsung. Both the Bot Care, which is a health care companion and the Bot Air, which monitors air quality, are extremely cute looking, which serving very practical purposes.

CES 2019 Robots

Misty II

Misty II from Misty Robotics is currently capturing the hearts of CES 2019 attendees. This adorable robot is one of the highest tech CES 2019 robots, despite its cute appearance. It has 4K cameras, that supports depth-sense, has time-of-flight sensors all around its base, an LCD display with hi-fi speakers and runs Windows 10 Core and Android.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Which one of these cute personal robots would you love to have in your life?






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