Loadshedding Kicks off in South Africa – Charge Your Portable Gaming Devices
Eskom Loadshedding South Africa Stage 2 loadshedding
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Out of nowhere, Eskom announced this morning that Stage 2 loadshedding will be implemented from 09:00 to 23:00 due to a “shortage of capacity” and rollout across South Africa today.

The power provider warned of power cuts last month saying that “while no load-shedding is expected over summer, the risk, however, remains as the system is still tight and vulnerable, as we ramp up plant maintenance. Eskom continues to encourage residents and businesses to use electricity sparingly.

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Even after stating that loadshedding will be avoided in September and October, this announcement comes as no surprise. The cash-strapped power provider has burnt South Africans before and we are pretty much used to it.

Be sure to check out your region’s loadshedding stage 2 schedule and plan accordingly. If we are lucky, they might stop the blackouts a little earlier as we have seen in the past that they tend to end it at 20:00 instead of 23:00.

Load up those shows on your laptop and charge your Switch and phone so at least you have something to do while you sit in the dark and try not to drive yourself crazy. We are not sure if Loadshedding is staying in South Africa for a couple of days or if this is just taking place today. Stay tuned for more as we learn more.

Image Credit: Reddit






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