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Cheaters Have Taken Over Rumbleverse

The cheaters are out of control in Rumbleverse following the game’s launch on 11 August. It didn’t take long for people to work on ways to cheat in the game and at the moment, Epic Games is struggling to keep cheaters off the server. It also doesn’t help that most of these Rumbleverse cheaters have arrived due to dev tools which were previously available in the game.

Over the weekend, players started to notice some speed hacks where enemies could move up to five times faster than other players in a match. These fast players could also recover stamina a lot faster than others meaning they were able to sprint faster and attack without slowing down due to fatigue.

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Players also found ways to make themselves invisible during matches meaning they could run around without a problem and attack players without them even seeing the combat take place. These Rumbleverse cheaters also had a knack for creating fake accounts in the game and using Mandarin words for their profiles.

Sadly, this was just the start of things. Some players in Rumbleverse claim that they encountered cheaters in the game ten matches in a row meaning there are hundreds if not thousands of cheaters in Rumbleverse now.

According to the game’s official Terms of Use, Rumbleverse does not allow any sort of modification or cheating of any kind. However, Epic Games has yet to issue any bans on these cheaters. Here are some clips of these cheaters in action. I suggest that if you’re struggling with cheaters at this point, stay off the game until the issues are fixed.

Rumbleverse is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC and is free-to-play.

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