Cheeseburger the diabetic bear is the only Far Cry 5 companion you should care about – Hands On
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Over this past weekend, I had the privilege to sit down with a close-to-final build of Far Cry 5 and give it a go. Yes, it has a crazy protagonist that wants you dead. Yes, it has a stunning open world that is probably the best-looking one to date and yes there are hella explosions. But the main attraction to the game right now is Cheeseburger. I am not talking about a quarter pounder from McDonald's around the corner to you. I am talking about a diabetic grizzly bear that you can partner with throughout Far Cry 5 named Cheeseburger. He is as cute as he is ferocious and I fell in love with him. 

Take a look at our full video preview of Cheeseburger below.

Cheeseburger is obtained in an early mission in the game where you have to go and kick some cult ass out of a small zoo where this cuddly bear lived. After further inspection, you realize that he is actually not there. You see, the cult has been trying to catch up to turn him against the good guys of the game. Thankfully you get to him first but he will not bow to anyone, rather as cute bears do, they need food. 

This mission then saw me head to a local stream to catch a salmon. It was a great way to teach me how to fish and fishing is a great side activity in the game which is as calming as it is in real life. Different fishing rods will make the experience easier and I can imagine trying to bait in some nasty looking fish later on in the game. 


Once I had my salmon, which was a pretty small one weighing only 13 pounds, I had my ticket to Cheeseburger's heart. Cheeseburger was sleeping just a few miles from where I was fishing so I hopped on a quad bike and set a path for his cute face. Upson arrival I found him sleeping near a lake after walking through some dead bodies. These bodies scattered around the area were already a sign that this was no ordinary bear I was dealing with. He was a killing machine. 

Like myself, it just takes food to turn me onto your side and Cheeseburger was now a companion after feeding him my small salmon I caught. Of course, before we could leave the area the cultists caught wind of my intrusion and came for me. Little did they know Cheeseburger was now my bodyguard and he was not going to let anyone hurt me. 


Cheeseburger is a killing machine and what I love about him is the way he just pulls down his prey, which in this case are human cultists, and rips them apart. I could have just gone with Jess Black, a bow and arrow stealth companion that kills from a distance but Cheeseburger was the perfect companion. In later missions, I played I simply aimed my cursor at an enemy and instructed him to go in for the kill. He is much faster than you think which allows him to get in, kill and get out before other enemies spot him. He also has a load of health which makes him a bullet sponge but don't let him walk to close to fire as he burns quite quickly. 

I spent much of my time with a pink flamethrower I called Priscilla and often Cheesburger would get caught up in the fight and die. Luckily a quick revive was all it took to get him back on his feet. Talking about fire, the cultists don't play around with it. If you burn one they actually run into you like some kamikaze freaks of nature to try and set you on fire too. With a load of them shooting at you and you burning at the same time it could result in a swift death so be warned. 


Then again Cheeseburger, the greatest diabetic bear in the world would come revive you if you died anyway so it's not big deal. A simple lick on the face will bring you back to life. I would totally come back to life if a cute bear gave me a sloppy lick on the face. Talking about being licked. You can also pet Cheeseburger at any time which is the cutest thing you will ever see in your life. 

While Far Cry 5 has Boomer the mangy dog and Peaches the mountain lion which are also available as companions, I can pretty much see myself using Cheeseburger then the entire time when the game releases. He is a killer without a doubt but his ability to sneak into areas, pull a guy down, kill him and get out undetected is a big deal for me as I will play the majority of the game with a bow and arrow and Priscilla my pink flamethrower. 

Stay tuned for more Far Cry 5 this week as we have a load of content to share from this past weekend's preview event. Who do you think you will partner with in Far Cry 5? Let us know in the comments below. 

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