Chocobo GP Gets March Release Date and Free Trial Detailed

"Everyone can try the racer too"

Chocobo GP Nintendo Switch
Chocobo GP Gets March Release Date and Free Trial Detailed

Square Enix has announced a release date to the highly-anticipated fantasy racer Chocobo GP. The game will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on 10 March 2022. Chocobo GP marks the game’s first entry in the racing series in over 20 years and if anything, is a spiritual successor to the classic Chocobo Racing game.

Chocobo GP sees players control familiar Final Fantasy characters on the track as they race against one another. The characters all have their own unique racing kit designed for the game. Chocobo skates around on well, skates, Steiner uses a steampunk car and Vivi uses a floating umbrella.

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Anyone familiar with the Final Fantasy series will immediately recognize the roster of racers as well as the abilities you can use across the game. Spells like Aero, Blizzard, Fire and Thunder can be used to strike down your opponent and tracks are designed after iconic Final Fantasy locations. Yes, this is basically the Final Fantasy Mario Kart racer.

Square Enix also announced a free-to-download version of Chocobo GP that everyone can test out. The free trial includes Chocobo GP’s story mode prologue and full access to local and online multiplayer. However, you can only access these modes if you are playing with a friend who owns the game. Think of it as a buddy pass.

The publisher says that all progress you make in the story prologue and multiplayer modes is carried over to the main game should you wish to upgrade. Take a look at the release date announcement trailer below:

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