Chrono Cross Files Found in Another Eden

"Collab coming soon?"

Chrono Cross
Chrono Cross Files Found in Another Eden

Another Eden, a free-to-play RPG for PC developed by WFS Inc seems to have a Chrono Cross collaboration coming up soon. According to users, they have spotted files in the latest game update that hints at Chrono Cross characters coming to the game.

Users reportedly mined the latest game files and found references to multiple Chrono Cross characters including Lucca, Serge, Kid, Harle and more. After further investigating the content, it also revealed that Another Eden will host multiple timelines that will bring a handful of Chrono Cross worlds into the game.

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Users claim that these worlds will include story chapters and locations from Chrono Cross. This includes Burning Miglance, Beast King’s Attack and more. So we can now confirm that Another Eden will get its own Chrono Cross collaboration at some point. However, the real question now is what does this mean for the latest remaster rumour. 

Usually, when collaborations like this take place, it is to celebrate a game’s anniversary or perhaps re-release. We know that there’s a Chrono Cross remaster in the works so perhaps this collaboration is tied to the announcement? We also know that the team behind Another Eden is made up of many veteran developers that worked on both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. 

It would make sense for these devs to work on something in Another Eden to celebrate Chrono Cross in some way or another. The question now is where is this remaster and when is it going to be announced? With The Game Awards looming in the distance, perhaps the show will play host to this collaboration announcement and the remaster? We can only hope.

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Source: Reddit

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