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Classic Horror Game ‘Clock Tower’ is Getting a Modern Remaster

The classic 16-bit survival horror game Clock Tower is getting a modern remaster for consoles and PC. Clock Tower was originally developed by Human Entertainment and first released on the Super Famicom in 1995 before gaining more traction with its PS1 release a year later. The series concluded in 2002 with the release of Clock Tower 3 from Capcom and developer Sunsoft, though over two decades later, it looks like it’s finally returning to the gaming world.

WayForward will develop the enhanced remaster of Clock Tower which is scheduled to release in early 2024 for PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch. While it’s not a full-blown remake like earlier reports suggested, it will feature enhanced and updated visuals as well as various performance tweaks for the point-and-click horror title. WayForward released an announcement video yesterday going over the various changes that fans can expect in this newer version.

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The description provided by WayForward on the revival of Clock Tower reads:

“The groundbreaking 16-bit survival-horror game, Clock Tower, returns on modern consoles and PC! Experience classic point-and-click gameplay powered by Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine as you attempt to escape the Barrows family manor and evade the murderous Scissorman, accompanied by new features like an animated intro, motion-comic cutscenes, theme song by Mary McGlynn, and more. Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and PC in early 2024.”

Clock Tower is widely considered one of the most influential survival horror games from the PS1 era next to popular IPs like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed in the genre and failed to garner much attention in subsequent years, partially due to its point-and-click gameplay which quickly lost momentum. Despite this, most fondly look back at it now as a cult classic.

Check out the announcement video for Clock Tower below:

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