Cliff Bleszinski Claims Putting Lawbreakers on PS4 Was a Mistake

Lawbreakers Cliff Bleszinski
Cliff Bleszinski Claims Putting Lawbreakers on PS4 Was a Mistake

Cliff Bleszinski, the man behind the failed Lawbreakers game seems to think its failure was due to its PS4 exclusivity. Cliff took to Twitter where he announced his regrets for not bringing the game to Microsoft’s console. He seems to think the Gears of War fanbase on the platform would have been enough to save the game which released in an over-saturated market.

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Lawbreakers released in 2017 and immediately failed to gain traction. A little over a year of release, Lawbreakers shut down on PS4 and PC. However, Cliff believes the game would have been a success if he released it on Xbox One instead of PS4. Even though Xbox One sales are less than have that of Sony’s PS4.

On the other hand, this so-called memoir the game director is writing could need some juice which is why Cliff Bleszinski has all of a sudden began speaking out about the game’s development. He most likely wants to sell his book more than anything else and so some riled-up tweets could help with this.

Lawbreakers did not do well at all. In addition to the PS4 failure, it also flopped at launch on PC too with player numbers dropping within days of release. Perhaps if the game was a free-to-play experience, it would have been a different story. However, it had a price tag and offered in-game purchases similar to Overwatch. Oh wait, it was actually released to rival Overwatch. In addition, Cliff once said during an interview about Lawbreakers that he “hated Xbox”. This video sums up the game perfectly.

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