Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

COD Players Goes to Activision HQ to Complain About Modern Warfare 2 Ban

An upset Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 player decided to take up his issue with being banned from the game directly with Activision. While most people would write a rude email or spam customer support in the chat, Reddit user PlumContent walked into the Activision office in Austin, Texas and demanded to speak to an employee about his problem.

The player claims that he was banned on 28 October from playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (yes, on launch day). He says that he appealed the ban but was denied. He then set up a whole new email address and purchased the game again only to be banned the next day on 29 October. Frustrated with his experience, he tried to contact Activision support but claims it is “impossible to speak to someone over the phone.”

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He then decided to go to the Activision HQ in person where he was met by a security guard and denied entrance into the building. Unsurprisingly, he was escorted out of the HQ and didn’t achieve what he set out to do in the first place.

“The fact that I can’t speak with someone at Activision Blizzard is very frustrating when I simply just want to enjoy this game that I spent 140 dollars on,”

Since the story went public, multiple social media managers have voiced their opinion on the whole “talk to someone” debate. Corsair’s social media manager Caehlin said that a situation like this isn’t good. It is a major security risk –

“That’s honestly terrifying what the $%#@ lmao. Was my worst fear while working in support, that people would just show up at our building for stuff like this or with worse intentions.”

Former Activision employee Jessica Gonzalez also chimed in agreeing that the staff at the HQ can’t help you anyway.

On Reddit, the situation is a bit different. It seems that gamers have supported the Modern Warfare 2 player for his decision to visit Activision in person. Many of them claim that the company lacks any real customer support and that it doesn’t help gamers who contact the support channels.

Another gamer claims that he was going to do the same thing last week when the God of War Ragnarok leaks started appearing online. He says that he wanted to go to the HQ to ask if they were aware of the leaks taking place.

“I was going to go to their Santa Monica offices later this week. All I wanted to know is that they’re aware of the situation. Strange to me how at the very least they couldn’t take 5 seconds out of the day to make a tweet explaining that they’re aware of the situation. Interested to see how we’ll get compensated because at this point an unban isn’t enough.”

At the moment we don’t know whether or not the player will get his account access back. He claims that a staff member at Activision told him that the support channels are currently understaffed and ban appeals are taking longer than usual to resolve. However, that could just be an excuse to get the gamer out of the building. His original Reddit post can be seen below:

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