Comic Con Africa 2022 Was Coachella For Geeks

Comic Con Africa 2022 Was Coachella For Geeks

The best way that I know how to describe Comic Con, is that it feels like a Coachella for us geeks, gamers and lovers of pop culture. When mentioning this to someone who did not understand Comic Con at all, that expression of recognition immediately dawned on her. Realizing that it is just this congregation of people at an event name that has become a household name to them with that reputation of being the “coolest party weekend of their lives.”

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Everyone else has Ultra, H20, beach parties or Coachella. For geeks, that is Comic Con. It brings together people of all ages, nations, cultures, traditions, races, opinions, and eccentricities to this place where we are understood and appreciated. There are multiple stages catering to all kinds of fans just like there are in Coachella, with a whole lot of merchants all around.

It has also been a reunion tour in the best wholesome sense of the word. Due to the Covid hiatus of 2 years, many of us saw each other after all that time. Picture those movie moments at the airport – lots of screams, laughing, hugging, bear hugging, crying and love involved. It’s hard to describe this indescribable feeling.

Comic Con Africa 2022 Was Coachella For Geeks

I have been supercalifragilisticexpialidociously excited about this. Being in a place where you are not only accepted for what and who you are but celebrated, is truly such an iconic feeling.

The international celebrity guests brought in all the crowds of screaming fans who were more than happy to sit on the floor if need be because they know at any second they can swarm to the foot of the stage. Just to be the closest they can be to the object of their obsession.

Comic Con Africa 2022 Was Coachella For Geeks

When it came to the figurines, they were unbelievably realistic. This was the closest I could get and the closer I got the more insane the detail I could see, the more real this joker looked. I swear it felt like Heath Ledger was alive in that statue. A haunting thought I know. There were museum level-like displays where you could explore and worship the artistry of the most amazing figurines I’ve ever seen in life.

My weekend was also powered by a great gift from Rectron. The RCT Megapower MP-PB10PD 10000mAh was a lifesaver and allowed me to film or rather capture my favourite moments from Comic Con Africa without having to worry about battery life. I have so many wholesome memories to keep now. Also with load shedding, the roads were pitch black going home so I was grateful for the GPS to get me home safe. Without my phone dying on me.

KFC also had quite a presence at the show. My dedicated and determined brother, Leolin Coetzee won the coveted KFC Championship for the day. He won an Xbox Series X. He spent the day beating out the competition until only the final few remained that took to the main stage for the final showdown. The challenge then was to eat varying spicy hot flavours of zinger wings from KFC and then VS each other in a video game after. Leolin managed to whittle down the competition until only two remained. Presenting them with the hottest wings yet and then whisking them to the screens to play Mario Kart. His dedication and determination were truly inspiring as he took home the winning spot for the day.

Comic Con Africa 2022 Was Coachella For Geeks

Comic Con Africa 2022 was just a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable, immersive experience for any gamer, geek or fan of any kind of pop culture. It put on one hell of a show, across 3 main halls with 8 stages, over 300 exhibitors and much much more. Just endless fan fun to be had all around. Comic books, cosplay, Netflix, Disney plus, gaming tournaments, KidsCon, celebrity guests, tabletop boardgames, KFC sauces, figurine collectables, artworks, tattoos, anime, larping, streaming and so many other fandom experiences that are too many to list.

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  • Swenkie 27 September 2022

    Fantastic weekend, lovely people.
    Definitely I will return when it returns

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