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Comic Con Africa Guest Spotlight – Anthony Mackie and LeeAnna Vamp

With Photograph and Autograph tickets are now on sale, here’s our continuing guide on how to make the most of your opportunity to meet the stars at Comic Con Africa. Today, we discuss Anthony Mackie and cosplayer Leeanna Vamp. You can see part 1 where we cover William Shatner here

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Anthony Mackie: Actor. Yes, the man is Sam ‘Falcon’ Wilson and will be taking over the fabled mantle of Captain America. But there’s plenty more you can chat to him about:

  • He’s a graduate of Juilliard School, one of the finest drama, music and dance schools in the world! His graduating class also included Lee Pace – the man who would go on to become Ronan The Accuser.
  • Remember Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’? Mackie played head jerk of the “Leaders of the Free World”, Papa Doc. He also went on to play no less than Tupac Shakur himself in Notorious, the 2009 film based on the life of rapper The Notorious B.I.G. (but he’d had practice, developing his portrayal as far back as 2001 in an off-Broadway play in 2001).
  • Yes, Mackie has plenty of incredible films to his name (he won multiple awards for his role in 2009’s ‘The Hurt Locker’, and was nominated for more in ‘The Adjustment Bureau’) but he’s also an accomplished stage actor, working with Don ‘War Machine’ Cheadle and the amazing Christopher Walken
  • Mackie is a very busy man – why not chat about the upcoming Season 2 of ‘Altered Carbon’? Or the new sci-fi/horror movie ‘Synchronic’ which also stars Jamie Dornan?
  • Finally, the man grew up in New Orleans, a party town with incredible cuisine – what’s his favourite dessert or cocktail? What’s the secret to a great jambalaya? Favourite home-cooked meal?

Chances to interact? Probably small, with your best opportunity being during an Anthony Mackie signing session though you may have a chance to ask something during one of his panels (go download the Comic Con Africa App to help keep track of these). Be ready to ask your questions as soon as you can!

What should you get signed? There will more than likely be multiple headshots to choose from during an autograph session, but how about other ideas? There are DVDs of Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or Captain America: Civil War; there are key comic book issues (such as the first appearance of Falcon in Captain America #117 or Sams first appearance as Cap); or, a cool Funko Pop

LeeAnna Vamp: Actor, cosplayer, content creator, model, podcaster, author. Multi-talented across multiple disciplines, LeeAnna prides herself on being a combination of nerd, fashion model and sci-fi fan. Having over a decade of experience in creating and showcasing original and derivative costumes, LeeAnna brings a massive amount of knowledge and skill to the table. There are plenty of conversation topics we can highlight, but first … 

A very strong and important reminder – cosplay is NOT consent. Cosplay is an incredible world of fun, creativity, and acceptance. Regardless of the costume of the cosplayer, they are human and deserve respect. Don’t be a jerk – ask for permission before taking photos or touching props, then respect the response. 

  • LeeAnna Vamp hosts her own podcast, ‘Let’s Get Spooky!, where she chats, well, all things spooky!
  • Going further with the paranormal – ‘GHOSTED’, hosted by LeeAnna Vamp in 2017, was a series that explored real-life ghostly legends from across the American south. What were her experiences off-camera? You might want to ask her about her time in the Old Charleston Jail…
  • She’s an apiculturist! Maybe ask about that sweet, sweet life?
  • Creator of her own show, children’s books, the aforementioned podcast –a lot goes into the life of an entrepreneur that content creators and cosplayers would learn well from. What are the key lessons LeeAnna Vamp could share?

Chances to interact? Pretty high, as LeeAnna Vamp has a stall in Hall 4 (no. 73). While there will be panels and cosplay judging duties, you should totally grab the Comic Con App to help keep tabs), odds are really good that you’ll be able to ask your cosplay/ghoulish/fandom questions at the booth.

What should you get signed? As she will have a stall, there’ll be plenty of prints and merch that LeeAnna Vamp would be happy to sign for you.

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