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Comic Con Africa – Jamie Campbell Bower Chats About Vecna and More

This past weekend at Comic Con Africa, I had the incredibly humbling opportunity to interview Jamie Campbell Bower. We sat down to talk about Stranger Things season 5 and his music. What an amazingly soulful and centred being he is. All the doting fans rushed schedules and yet Jamie remains at peace amidst it all. He has this intrinsic tranquillity that is almost magical. Also, his hands are as smooth as silk, velvet and cashmere all wrapped into one. He signed my Stranger Things pillow as “Vecna”, which I am eternally grateful for.

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Of course, we had to find out if he always had the Vecna voice or not.

No no, god no I didn’t always have it. Absolutely not, no. When I first started do it at the read through, it was way more nasally kind of just gruff. It wasn’t really very good. Then I went back into a lot of reference. Doug Bradley’s Hellraiser, who voice pinhead and used Doug predominantly to kind of find this stillness within him. From there it was about relaxing my larynx, breathing from my diaphragm and a lot of warming up exercises.”

We are all such fans of your music. Do you think we’re ever going to get a Vecna song?

I mean, I wrote some orchestral music around the time of filming the show that I sent to Matt and Ross just to be like, Hey! this was something that came up as I was preparing, and you know, just gave it to them, just sharing creatively.

Watch the full Comic Con Africa Jamie Campbell Bower interview below.

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