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Comic Con Africa Officially Kicks Off in Johannesburg South Africa

With over 300 exhibitors, 8 stages, 160 speakers and 3 massive halls Comic Con Africa is shaping up to be the biggest one yet. Perhaps one of the most significant events on the continent. Certainly, unprecedented within the geek, gaming, and fandom spaces. As we head into the first day of Comic Con Africa, I sat down with Carol Weaving, Managing Director of Comic Con Africa to ask her a few questions regarding this year’s show.

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Carol had a lot to say about the festivities this year, especially the guest stars and how the show is being used as a platform to help elevate Africa as a continent in the geek, gaming and pop-culture landscape.

What is Comic Con Africa doing to prop up its local Cosplayers and content creators?

I don’t know if you know this, but Comic Con Africa flies the winners of the cosplay championship to the big, massive Comic Con in Ney York to compete there. That was never possible before. I don’t think we really recognize the significance of a Comic Con here IN AFRICA, the unprovoked access it gives wonderful exhibitors to showcase their wares to this consolidation of the geek, gaming and fandom community. While also providing endless opportunities for those same individuals within the community. It’s a mutual symbiosis of pop culture appreciation and recognition.

Cosplayers and gamers alike have a chance to compete on an international level while also encouraging the growth of its local fanbase. To give geeks and gamers like me a chance to peruse through all these varied and magical collectables is just a one-of-a-kind experience allowing us also the chance to make lifelong connections with our favourite exhibitors. So, it’s also what you make of the opportunities and fun that are presented in front of you.

I spoke to an exhibitor who makes these handmade plushies and her joy at being accepted to exhibit at Comic Con Africa shone through in the smile on her face. I am just so excited for all the fans of her business that she is going to get after this weekend.

What are some of the challenges you faced with doing Comic Con Africa?

Guest stars, a lot of processes and red tape involved there. They bring them up, put them up and even set up private tours like safaris for them. What happens is the guest stars are so excited and enthusiastic about coming they are hoping right up until the last possible minute that all will work out.

The thing is they have these ironclad contracts with the big Hollywood machine that prevents them from just coming to this side of the world however short it may be. They just do a lot for them and it’s very unfortunate for all of us when they have no choice but to cancel. However, they still work tirelessly to bring us alternatives as well as make the best out of what they have. It’s important to appreciate that effort over our own demands.

There will be other Cons, other cities and other guests. Let’s make the most out of the Con we have now. Enjoy it! I know our geekiest hearts are so, so excited about and just have that pure unadulterated fun. Jamie is here, they have picked him up he will be at the Con from Friday. Vecna is HERE!!!!

For KidsCon, can parents leave their kids to play on their own there while they explore the rest of the Con?

 They would rather leave that up to the discretion of the parents as they would not advise leaving little kids on their own. There is a lot of chaos there. However, they do have wristbands that parents can write their numbers on so the team can assist as best they can. Or bring babysitters or bring older kids to watch the younger kids. Again, parents’ discretion.

Comic Con Africa kicks off today at the Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec. The show runs from 22 September until Sunday, 25 September 2022. Be sure to grab tickets here and find out more about the full event here.

This four-day festival focusses on all elements of pop culture and brings international and local comic artists, film and TV celebrities, and Cosplayers to South Africa where they meet fans, sign autographs and have photo ops. Packed with championships, competitions, super show specials, product launches, workshops, panels, Q&A sessions, screenings, activations, and interactive experiences, there is something for everyone to enjoy whether you are a casual fan or a bona fide geek.

Show Features:

  • 3 Halls
  • 2 x Food Truck Village
  • Kentucky Town with KFC
  • 30,000sqm of indoor and outdoor event space
  • Seven activity zones
  • 160 speakers
  • 256 hours of content
  • 50,000 + fans
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