Concept Art For Batman Arkham Sequel Leaks Online

"The sequel we deserve"

Batman Arkham Knight
Concept Art For Batman Arkham Sequel Leaks Online

The Batman Arkham series is still one of the best superhero franchises ever to grace gaming. Even though it ended with Batman Arkham Knight, it seems Rocksteady Games and WB Games originally planned to work on a sequel for the series. New leaked concept art has appeared online through artist Goran Bukvic that shows off what could have been. While the artwork doesn’t reveal anything about the game’s story, it does reveal a whole new look for Batman.

Of course, this does not confirm that WB Games cancelled the game. However, recent rumours and reports claim that the publisher canned the Arkham sequel a few years back in favour of working on a while new superhero series. This is the upcoming Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League game. There’s also rumours that the cancelled Batman Arkham sequel was actually in development at WB Games Montreal. The studio that brought us Arkham Origins. Unfortunately, due to the game’s mediocre reception, the sequel was canned.

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According to the leaked concept art, the cancelled Batman Arkham game was under the project named called “Project Sabbath”. It would feature a redesigned Batman, a Bat Cycle and more. This is is seen in the latest batch of concept art below:

The artwork belongs to Goran Bukvic and Elijah McNeal. You can find their ArtStation profiles here and here. We doubt WB Games will ever confirm the existence of this cancelled Batman Arkham sequel. We will probably never get to see it ourselves either. At the moment, one studio is working on the Gotham Knights game while the other is currently working on the Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League.

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