Sony’s upcoming puzzle painter platformer, Concrete Genie was delayed earlier this year but we can expect to play it on 8 October. Sony announced the Concrete Genie release date in a short trailer further showcasing the game’s artistic appeal.

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The game has been crafted by Sony’s smaller first-party studio PixelOpus and was announced back at E2 2017. The story follows a young boy named Ash as he attempts to paint his dark and dreary hometown back to life.

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The game touches on some emotional themes such as bullying and loneliness as Ash discovers the magic behind creativity and these strange creatures that guide him in his journey.

PixelOpus announced the game will come with a special photo mode that will let players create time lapses of the graffiti they create in a sort of “replay” feature. This will then let you replay the creation of your art and see how it was created from one line to the finished product.

Concrete Genie is not the only PS4 exclusive to be landing in October as the much-anticipated MediEvil remake is also set for a 30 October 2019 release date. Just a week after that, Sony will be releasing the Hideo Kojima game, Death Stranding.

PS4 owners are in for a few busy months in terms of PS4 exclusives.

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