Cooler Master GD Series Desks

Cooler Master Announces New GD Series Gaming Desks

Cooler Master has announced a new lineup of gaming desks, labeled their GD series, which includes three desks in the range – the GD120 ARGB, the GD160 and the GD160 ARGB. The desks are not just normal desks with flashy lights – because gaming – but they are also height adjustable and offer USB ports with quick charging.

The GD series of desks also offer ample sizing for you to fight your entire desktop setup on, but they do also come with a nifty PC tower stand on the lower right-hand side for you to safely place your tower on. The great part is Cooler Master kept the stand slightly off the ground to ensure efficient airflow into your case and prevent any static buildup if you have a carpet.

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The top-of-the-line model, the GD160 ARGB comes with “focused functionality” and personalised ergonomics, and comes equipped with a smart controller that allows you to toggle between seven different lighting modes as well as your individual preferred height adjustments. You can also synchronize the lighting strips on the desk to sound and video from your PC using the MasterPlus+ App which is quite cool to have your room light up in sync with whatever is happening on your screen.

The GD120 ARGB is a smaller-sized alternative coming in at 120cm wide for more compact spaces but still offers the same great features as the GD160 ARGB. Thankfully, all three desks also come standard with a built-in aluminium tray at the rear for easy cable management that supposedly has enough room for cables and adapters as well.

The GD series of desks will set you back $349, $379 and $899 for the GD160, GD120 ARGB and the GD160 ARGB respectively with no local pricing or availability confirmed as yet.

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