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Cooler Master Launches HAF 500 and Two New MasterBox Cases

Cooler Master is releasing three new, striking PC cases. The first is the return of the HAF (High Air Flow) series with the HAF 500. Additionally, they will also release the MasterBox TD300 Mesh and MasterBox 500 cases which provide a range of aesthetic and performance options.

With all three cases out on the market, each cater to a specific kind of gamer or person who just wants their cases to shine aesthetically. The High Air Flow series will make a comeback with the HAF 500, while the MasterBox cases lean into visual style with futuristic ARGB and a cost-effective choice in the MasterBox 500.

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HAF 500

Cooler Master HAF 500 MasterBox TD300 Mesh

The HAF 500 will bring the legendary High Air Flow series back. Featuring classic dual 200mm ARGB fans and large mesh intakes, it serves both function and form factor. The chassis will come upgraded with a rotatable 120mm Sickleflow fan for dedicated GPU cooling, adjustable to various GPU lengths and to accommodate different system layouts. It will also feature a built-in USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C support in the I/O panel. The elegant body and frame is capable of housing seven 120mm fans or dual 360mm radiators, making it the ideal case for those who want to build a truly monstrous PC. The top panel is also fully removable, so radiators and fans can be installed externally and reattached to the chassis for a user-friendly build experience.

The HAF 500 is available globally, though pricing may vary depending on the region. You can order it here.

MasterBox TD300 Mesh

Cooler Master HAF 500 MasterBox TD300 Mesh

Cooler Master’s best-selling TD series is now available for mATX systems via the MasterBox TD300 Mesh. The form factor is the most striking feature of the tower, featuring the iconic geometric diamond-cut front panel design. It’s top panel can also easily be removed for easy access to radiator and fan installations. The large mesh will intake will provide efficient cooling, but the Sickleglow fans cast a scattered glow effect that looks great and shifts depending on which angle you look at it.

The MasterBox TD300 is available globally, though pricing will once again vary depending on region. You can order it here.

MasterBox 500

Cooler Master HAF 500 MasterBox TD300 Mesh

Finally, the MasterBox 500 offers a much more customizable experience. The beastly, versatile tower can store up to seven 120mm fans and duo 360mm radiators. Both the top and side panels are easily removable for easier installations. The geometric mesh literally shines with minimalistic ARGB accents, and it’s all fully customizable too. On the inside, the MasterBox 500 is capable of housing ATX motherboards, 410mm long graphics cards, 165mm CPU coolers, and 180mm PSUs due to an increased chassis height.

The MasterBox 500 is availably globally, and pricing varies depending on region. You can order it here.

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