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Cooler Master Unveils Orb X Gaming Pod and More

Cooler Master tends to go big at CES, with a myriad of new PC components and peripherals that aim to revolutionize how we go about building PCs and consuming entertainment. The company decidedly held its own Cooler Master Summit 2021 event this week, showcasing a ton of new products. These products range from new cases, case accessories, thermal solutions, power supplies, peripherals, gaming monitors, and a really smart gaming chair solution. Cooler Master emphasized that PCs are meant for more than just gaming, with its focus on being productive and tools for entertainment.

Cooler Master GamePod


Cooler Master introduced a variety of new chairs. While there were many standouts during the press event, the Orb X easily stole the show. This all-in-one gaming chair features just about everything Cooler Master feels you will need to get an immersive gaming experience. The egg-like chair has support for up to three 27-inch monitors, with the ability to have a single 34-inch display. Audio will be pumped out via the 2.1 surround sound system, with a compartment for your desktop setup, multiple USB ports, and the ability to wirelessly charge your phone using the keyboard tray. The aforementioned tray has a woven top to increase mouse accuracy. 

The chair itself has adjustable lumbar support and headrest, with the ability to tilt the chair at multiple angles to be more comfortable. This being a gaming setup, the chair features customizable RGB along the edges. Although, I would personally keep it in the iconic Cooler Master purple. 

Cooler Master Motion1

If you’re in the market for something more functional, Cooler Master suggests the Motion 1 chair. The chair boasts 3D sculpted foam, height adjustments, reclining support, and an adjustable headrest and lumbar support. However, its party piece will have to be the haptic motors that provide feedback to the user based on actions in a movie or game. The Motion 1 was developed in tandem with D-Box, a company dedicated to making immersive haptic-based experiences. 

Thermal Solutions

If you’re in the market to keep your PC cool, Cooler Master has a few new solutions on display this year. In terms of CPU air coolers, there’s the new Hyper H6 and Hyper 6DT. These air coolers feature RGB lighting, with the Hyper 6DT featuring a dual-tower heatsink. Cooler Master also showcased its Mobius fans, which feature interconnected fan blades for more fluid rotation. 

As for liquid cooling enthusiasts, Cooler Master unveiled the new MasterLiquid PL240 and PL360 Flux. These liquid coolers feature radiators of different sizes, allowing for two or three 120mm fans, respectively. If that doesn’t interest you, Cooler Master also has new ARGB tubing sleeves that can plug into your motherboard, allowing users to add RGB to a water-cooling loop.

Power Supplies

What is a PC event without a bunch of new power supplies being unveiled? Starting with the XG Platinum series, these PSUs feature 80 plus Platinum efficiency, modular cabling, a 135mm fan, and a smart thermal control mode to improve performance and longevity. The company says it used 100% Japanese capacitors to increase efficiency and reduce ripple noise. If that isn’t enough, there is the XG Plus Platinum Series PSUs. which ARGB and a display for performance monitoring. 

That being said, these PSUs range between 650W and 850W. So what do you do when you need more power? Well, that’s where the M1600 and M2000 Platinum come in. These PSUs offer 1600W and 2000W of power, respectively. The perfect PSU if you’re looking to give Eskom staff sleep terrors.


Cases and Accessories

Summer Summit 21 held nothing back in terms of Cooler Master’s case lineup. A new MAX line of systems was introduced, aiming to save users time by providing a streamlined building experience. The NR200P MAX is a small form factor case (coming in around 18.3 litres), and it includes an 850W PSU, 280mm radiator, dual 140mm fans, and a liquid CPU cooling solution out of the box. Users can add two more fans, one 3.5-inch HDD, two 2.5-inch SSDs, and there is one combo slot that can fit either an SSD or HDD.

Cooler Master also introduced new colours of the regular NR200P case – Flamingo Pink, Nightshade Purple, Sunset Orange, and Caribbean Blue. That being said, these are just the cases, and do not include much else.

Veteran fans of Cooler Master were also given a treat, as the company announced the return of the HAF series of cases. The HAF500 has two massive 200mm fans at the front, an adjustable 120mm fan mounted next to the GPU, and a 120mm fan at the back. The front and rear fans all feature RGB lighting too. Cooler Master teased a flagship HAF series product, but the details are still unknown.

Cooler Master introduced two other cases at the Summer Summit 21 – the MasterBox 500 and MasterBox TD300 Mesh. The MasterBox 500 boasts a cleaner design with “circuit vector” patterns sprawled across the front of the case. The pattern is RGB, along with the included front fan. The TD300 Mesh boasts a 3D-looking mesh at the front, with two 120mm fans included.

As for accessories, Cooler Master upgraded its PCIe riser cables to PCIe Gen 4. That translates to faster data transmission. Cooler Master’s vertical GPU holder also comes with PCIe Gen 4 riser cables now too. 


Peripherals maketh the build, I always say.  Cooler Master unveiled its peripherals in rapid-fire succession. The MM730 and MM731 gaming aim to please your respective mouse needs. The MM730 is a wired mouse and has 16,000 DPI, while the MM731 offers 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity options up to 19,000 DPI. Both, naturally, offer customizable RGB, button remapping, and optical switches for faster response time. 

As for keyboards, Cooler Master showcased the CK721 mechanical gaming keyboard with TTC mechanical switches. The keyboard features a small 65% layout, with the options for wired or wireless connectivity, and a customizable dial that can be used for various controls. Full-sized keyboards weren’t left out, with Cooler Master bringing out the CK351 and CK352. Both have RGB lighting but only use a wired connection. The CK351 uses LK optical switches, with the CK352 opting to use mechanical switches.

Cooler Master dedicated a portion of Summer Summit 21 to streamers, by showcasing the new StreamEnjin. Put simply, Cooler Master aims to target more than gamers who stream, with its new product targeted to those who do not have PC rigs to stream from. The StreamEnjin has multiple ports to connect all the needed peripherals, simple button controls, and can simultaneously stream to two feeds at the same time. Right now, it only has iOS and iPad support, but Cooler Master said it is working to expand on a variety of platforms, including Android. 

Cooler Master also announced a new range of gaming monitors – the GM27-CFX, GM27-FQS, and GM32-FQ. The GM27-CFX is a full HD panel, boasting up to 240Hz, while the others feature Quad HD resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate. All monitors come with adaptive sync, but only the GM27-FQS and GM32-FQ have AMD FreeSync premium support.

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