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Corona Zombies is Painfully Shaming a Deadly Pandemic But We Can’t Stop Watching

It took less than a month for Full Moon Studios to make Corona Zombies. A film based on a deadly Coronavirus born from a soup made of bats in Wuhan, China. The difference between our COVID-19 and their’s? Well, for starters we get bad flu that can kill us and they get a deadly hunger for human flesh. Corona Zombies is the movie we all knew was coming and it is not half bad but equally as dreadful at the same time.

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The trailer depicts exactly what you are in for. It starts out the only real actress in the film discovering the deadly new virus for the first time and jumps to some modern-day news which reports on facts we all face every day. It soon after goes way off the rails as the Corona Zombies begin to take over the world. In a way, the film touches on a lot of issues we are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

A scene that sees a zombie eating flesh on TV while a banner flashes “Trump wants to open the US in three weeks” is all too real for the world. Countries are opening up their borders while the sick die in hospitals. Sure, we may not have an irresistible desire to eat flesh but easing a lockdown too early spell disaster for the world.

Truth be told, Corona Zombies is not a mainstream action film. Instead, it only stars one actress Cody Renee Cameron as she discovers this deadly zombie virus while watching TV. The rest of the film is put together with viral COVID-19 news pieces of Donald Trump and that cringy sping break viral clip. It is mainly stitched together using old zombie movies like Hell of the Living Dead and Zombies bs Strippers and more.

There are no low-budget scenes here, but that is where the magic of the film lies. Full Moon managed to put together a legit movie using other horror movies and a load of voice lines. It works. For the most part, it spreads the message of social distancing and the threat of coronavirus even if it’s done in the weirdest way possible. It may be the worst movie I have ever seen laid my eyes on (even worse than some Adam Sandler flicks) but Corona Zombies is so relatable and strange at the same time that I do recommend you give it a watch. You have nothing better to do right now, right?

You can sign up for a Full Moon account and watch Corona Zombies for just $6,99. Or don’t. Up to you but you can still watch the trailer down below about this strange COVID-19 movie.

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